Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Question 2"- Chapter 8

Well, I've never posted a question before and I thought it'd be fun to try something different... Since the last chapter focuses on the issue of time (or lack thereof), and the topic of poetry comes up as well, let's combine the two in our responses. (Side note: I absolutely loved "Your World" by Georgia Douglas Johnson.)

Please write a poem on the subject of time as it pertains to teaching.

I don't want to write much else, because I want the doors to your creativity opened wide on this response. Have fun with it, and enjoy the creative process!


  1. 3240 Minutes
    Two minutes, five minutes, when will they get here.
    Seven minutes, ten minutes –late again!
    36 times a year – that is it, how will I get them there?
    Just remember, schedules are not the kids fault
    Finally, they are here – quick – let’s work
    “Okay ladies and gentlemen – let’s work, work, work, work hard, work fast”
    No wait! – My head says slow down – but is there time? I need time!
    The conflict in me grows, back and forth, back and forth.
    “Mrs. B. your next class is here”. OH NO! It is over – already.
    Was our time effective? Did the students absorb, apply and connect?
    Hmm, I’m tired, I need to think about this again later, and my next class is ready to begin.

  2. When I first read the prompt for this week, I thought, "Aww, Bethany, I can't write poetry." I mean, I haven't written a poem since I was in high school! After I tried for a little while, I couldn't stop. Really! My "bedtime" is 10 and I was up until 11 writing not one, but two poems! Why two? Because the first was a little inappropriate. I'll post it anyway. :)

    N-ever enough time in the day
    O-AA is quickly approaching
    T-oo many things to do

    E-veryone is feeling the pressure
    N-o goals, no glory!
    O-nly goal is to make it out alive!
    U-m...just kidding!
    G-o on, you can do it!
    H-elp! Someone help me!

    T-ry your best on the test
    I know you can succeed
    M-y head is going to explode
    E-ek! Time's up!

    And then I went the more appropriate route...

    Everyday it's always the same
    I feel it's almost a crime
    These poor kids really don't need it
    Everything is all wrapped up in time

    Hurry, hurry, hurry up!
    We're late, let's go, chop, chop!

    I can hear myself calling out contradictions
    Johnny - let's pick up the pace
    And turn right around and confuse him
    Slow down, this isn't a race!

    I know better I really do
    I know that it just isn't right.
    My new goal is to slow down myself
    And I'll try with all of my might!

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    1. Why do I always hit the publish button on accident.... Grrr...

  4. Okay so I feel like I should write something about school, but nothing is coming to me. So I'm going a different way. My life in a nutshell as my husband is away for school each week.

    Missing YOU
    More than you'll ever know!

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY!
    It is as though time stands still as we go through the motions just
    waiting waiting waiting....

    Finally a text... "I'm on my way"! YAY
    A few hours pass. Then the crack of the door as it slides open:
    Relief, Love, Excitement.
    "Daddy's home" a two year old chimes as he runs to the door and throws himself into open arms.
    Hugs, kisses, hugs!

    Saturday, Sunday
    PLEASE... SLOW... DOWN...
    OH NO!!!

    Monday here again 4:00 am
    "Goodbye","I Love You" "Drive Safe"

    waiting... waiting... waiting...

  5. I am not good at writing poetry.

    Oh time, oh time,
    How I lack you sometime
    When I have you,
    I shine!
    When I loose you,
    I whine!
    You see it in my face,
    it moves my pace!
    I need to slow down,
    or I will frown.
    Please come back to me,
    and you will see,
    that I will love you
    and not make you blue!!
    Oh time, oh time,
    please come back to me.

  6. Wow! I shouldn't have read everyone else's poems before writing mine - they're all so good! Here's my feeble attempt.

    Time, oh Time, where have you gone?
    I thought I had some, but alas I am out
    Send this group back, pick the next one up
    Rush rush rush to get everything done
    What do you mean you have to use the restroom?
    Don’t you know we only have 30 minutes?
    No, I don’t expect you to hold it that long
    Go! I can’t watch you dance anymore
    Okay, back to work
    Let’s read this story
    What do you think?
    You think our time is up?
    Oh, goodness!
    Looks like you’re right!
    We’ll pick up where we left off … tomorrow (sigh)

  7. Alright, I'll give my best shot...

    Time, Time, oh how you fly!
    Before I know it, thirty minutes have gone by
    Don't you see that I don't have enough?
    We have so much more to get through, you make it really tough
    Pick up a group and get them settled in
    It seems that time is up before we truly begin
    Rushing around is no way to be
    We haven't finished the lesson, can't you see?
    I pick up this group and drop off the last
    Time, Time, you move too fast!

  8. Yikes! I'm with Allyson and I wish I hadn't read everyone else's first! I kind of liked mine until I read all of the others! But here is my attempt at a haiku:

    Too much, not enough
    Never, yet always ending
    Time escapes us all.

  9. My poem isn't much of a poem, but it is about my thoughts as I contemplate life after teaching-(not retiring just yet.)Where did the time go?

    I remember a short time ago when I looked like my students. (I was 21 teaching 6 graders)
    Shortly came the day I looked like their parents.
    A few days pass…
    Oh my here come my students with their children.
    Oh so quickly I look like the grandparents of my students.
    Have I made a difference?
    Time flies as trends cycle.
    Where did the time go?